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We are proud of the early intervention we offer our little stars.

Research and evidence shows that early intervention makes a huge difference to our children's development.


Unfortunately it is not available through our statutory services, which is why we are passionate about ensuring it is freely available.  

The purpose of the sessions is to provide high quality developmental support within a safe, informative and stimulating environment which is welcoming and supportive to all.

 The sessions will offer:

  • High quality, well planned, stimulating, developmental activities tailored to your child’s needs and developmental stage.

  • Support for parental involvement in your child’s learning and development.

  • Small step, key focus areas to undertake 

  • Access to resources used in the sessions.

  • Empowerment, our sessions are there to provide you with the knowledge and tools to best support your child.

  • Ideas, activities and opportunities that can be replicated in the home environment.

  • A place to celebrate your child’s achievements.

You will be invited to attend a session which is tailored to your child’s development. The group numbers are kept to a maximum of 4 children per session to ensure their individual needs are met. Your child’s needs and development will be reviewed on a termly basis.

All sessions are run by a SYMBOL UK trained worker.

We have a curriculum we follow which has been inline with up to date research and Down Syndrome specific training programmes and resources.

This gives clear goals and the progress can be shown and shared.

Resources and areas of focus be shared with your child's nursery setting or school with your consent. 

Feedback from the sessions is welcomed to ensure you and your child is getting the most from the sessions. We welcome a multiagency input therefore we welcome feedback and input from your child’s NHS therapists and other professionals involved in your child care.

All sessions at held at our Shine21 premises in Sutton on the Forest. 

Early Intervention

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