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Feeding Clinics

Weaning can be a daunting experience, especially if your child is still petite and not yet sitting. We are here to guide you where we can and advise on techniques, equipment and foods to buy.

We have identified feeding as a area of need. In the near future we hope to offer information sessions and direct support.

remember any challenge you may face, another family may be facing the same challenge or have overcome it. Please never be shy to reach out to our other families on our parent Facebook page or WhatsApp group.

Straw Drinking

We advocate straw drinking for our Stars. It promotes positive oral motor techniques, which will support with clear speech and tongue retraction.  

the honey bear bottle is a great first cup to start with when introducing water. The bottle can be squeezed until they master sucking.

If you need to purchase additional resources they can be found on the below links. 

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