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Feeding Clinics

Once your child approaches six months you will be invited to attend a 1:1 session with Gwen Toner. Gwen will support you to introduce solids and straw drinking. You will receive full explanations as to the importance of straw drinking, why your child may struggle in certain aspects of eating and drinking and the impact your child's eating will have on their future speech. 


It is important that your child feels comfortable with Gwen and will accept her direct and hands on support. Shine21 has the right to only offer these appointments to children who see Gwen regularly. 



When you attend a session it is important that you have an idea of what you would like to achieve from the session. This could be support in transitioning your child from bottle/breast to straw drinking, using cutlery, introducing textures, chewing or any other aspect of feeding.    

When Gwen feels your child is clinically at the safe age to start straw drinking (usually 8 months), Shine21 will provide you with a honeybear straw bottle. 

You will be invited to follow up sessions, the frequency of these will depend upon your child's needs. When appropriate Shine21 will provide you with new straws and equipment. 

The support offered by Shine21 is in addition to the support from your NHS Feeding specialist. To allow us to work collaboratively we ask that you provide us with any reports or recommendations provided by them. 

If you need to purchase additional resources they can be found on the below links. 

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