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Supporting families who have a child with Down Syndrome is at the heart what we do.


We believe that parents are pivotal to their child’s development. That’s why we work closely with parents and carers to offer advice, support and reassurance – and to ensure they are adequately equipped to help their child reach their full potential.


Support, share, signpost

Shine21 supports families by providing developmental sessions, training in areas such as Makaton; loaning resources; sharing knowledge; and signposting professional support.


The charity, which was established in 2020, is also passionate about raising awareness of Down Syndrome and working closely with local services and professionals to improve the care our children receive.


If you need help – or if you would like to help Shine21 – please contact us today.


Our Objectives


For the public benefit to relieve the needs of parents, carers and families of children with Down Syndrome by providing information, support and services designed to ensure they have adequate information and emotional support once they receive a diagnosis of Down Syndrome, in particular but not exclusively by: 


  • Running early intervention sessions.

  • Providing stay and play sessions to allow the children to interact and parents/carers to have an opportunity to practice the activities set by therapists. 

  • Providing training sessions in areas such as Makaton, access to financial benefits and hygiene. 

  • Providing a resources library to ensure the children have access to vital resources to aid their development. 

  • Raising awareness of Down Syndrome and working closely with local hospitals to ensure professionals have up to date facts on the condition and can signpost parents/carers to appropriate information and support.


Empowering ParentsandEnriching the livesof Children withDown SyndromeacrossNorth Yorkshire

How Shine21 Helps

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