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Support Shine21 and help families flourish

We want to positively impact the lives of as many children with Down’s Syndrome as possible – but we need your help.


As a parent-led charity, we rely on the generosity of others to ensure we can provide the much-needed activities, support and resources to parents, carers and children.


You can show your support by hosting a fundraising event or advertising an event, making a donation of money or items, or buying from our online shop.


2024 support needed

Could we be your charity of the year or could you or your employer support us? 


Make a donation

Make a one off donation

or monthly donations


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Shine21 Fundraising Pack

Discover ways in which you can support our fundraising goals. 

Dream Ticket

150 Club

Join our 150 club draw


Our Fundraising Events

Find out more about our up and coming fundraising events. 

Donation Jar

Our Fundraising schemes


Different schemes you can join to support Shine21 

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