Congratulations on your pregnancy/arrival of your new baby.

You probably have hundreds of thoughts and questions racing around your head and are processing the information you have received. We do not want to overload you with information but would like to ensure you have the correct relevant information and links to useful organisations and support.

Everyone has their own way of dealing with a diagnosis of Down’s Syndrome and reach out for support at different stages of their journey.

We appreciate that in the early days you will want to enjoy and get to know your baby or enjoying your pregnancy. However, we would like you to know that we are always here for you.

Love Shine21

Useful links

There are a wide range of websites and Facebook pages which have been set up to support parents and professionals and raise awareness about Down’s Syndrome. Below is a list which you may find useful.


The Down’s Syndrome Association

This is a registered charity which provides up to date factual information regarding all aspects to Down's Syndrome. They have literature written for both expectant and new parents which you may find useful.  

You can join to become a member of the Down's Syndrome Association and further information can be found at

Positive About Down Syndrome (PADS)

Positive about Down Syndrome is a charity set up to share stories and provide support to both expectant and new parents. They work with professionals to educate them on the condition and remove the negativity which is often delivered when a diagnosis is given. They have a pregnancy support facebook page and a new parent page which you may find useful.


Wouldn’t Change a Thing (WCAT)

WCAT is a charity which works hard to campaign to change the negative outdated perception of Down Syndrome. You may have seen the wouldn’t change a thing videos starring mums and dads with their children whilst using Makaton.


Future of Down's

This is one of the biggest Facebook groups which is useful to speak to parents located across the UK. This page is strictly for parents and guardians and approval from current members is required before your request to join is accepted.



We have both a public Facebook page (Shine21) where we share our fundraising events and information and we also have a closed Facebook page (Shine21 Parents) which is strictly for parents only. We look forward to welcoming you to those sites.

Help For New Parents

Registered charity number 1191103

Shine21 is affiliated to the Down's Syndrome Association

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