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We are always looking for people to support us in ensuring we can offer the best support to our families and help our little stars shine.  If you are looking for a way in which you could support Shine21, sparing a few hours each week would make a huge difference to the us. Weather you can commit to taking on a particular role or just spending an evening a week preparing and laminating resources, any support would make a huge difference. 

We are particularly looking for support in the following areas. Please email a letter of interest to to express your interest. 

Joanne Pratt 16.jpg

Early Intervention Group Assistant 

£7,020 per annum 
13.5 hours a week 

40 weeks a year

We have an exciting opportunity to join team.


You will support in the delivery and planning of our early intervention sessions. 


If you are passionate about helping our stars achieve their full potential and learning about the Down Syndrome learning profile this is the role for you. 

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