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Makaton for Parents

We believe Makaton is an invaluable resource which enables our children to be heard and understood. We therefore commit to funding two parents to attend the Level 1 Makaton training with Handmade voices (Emma Thompson).


There is no rush to undertake the training, it is important to pick the right time for you.  

When you are ready please let Louise know and then visit the Handmade Voices website and book onto a course which is convenient to you. 


Makaton Courses | Handmade voices | York.  

Emma will then invoice Shine21 directly and send you all the relevant course resources and infor



Makaton for close friends and family

We think that it is amazing that grandparents and other relatives are keen to do all they can to best support your child. Therefore we aim to hold two Makaton taster sessions for family and friends. During the session they will learn c50 signs to support everyday communication. 

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